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Just as the title suggests, this is exactly a guide to use time effectively and get ready in the morning.  As a serial procrastinator, I have crunched my 'getting ready' time to only 15-20 minutes at the maximum.

Read on to know how to crack the 'no fuss' and the easy way to get ready, especially if you are someone who has very less time in the morning. 

1) Always decide your outfit the night before. No matter how tired you are before hitting the sack, you can open up your wardrobe to select something instead of regretting wasting 10-15 minutes on it in the morning. Also, its very time consuming to iron your clothes in the morning; it has to be done before hand.

  Tip- By chance, you couldn't manage to physically take your outfit out, you can mentally select it so that when you wake up, you know what exactly to pick up!


2) If you are someone who takes 5minutes to shower, you are saved. But for those who need time to take a shower, must do it the night before. I usually take my showers the night before if I have to wash my hair.

  Tip- If you aren't showering in the morning, make sure you use an effective face wash to 'awaken' your skin and also make you feel a little more awake.

3) Get all your make-up/cosmetics in one place, preferably in one pouch. It avoids the time taken to locate where each of your products are located. Also, instead of using a foundation cream + sun screen + concealer, you can opt for a BB/CC cream which serves the whole purpose.

 Tip- Pat your face with your moisturizer as soon as you wash your face and let it settle down for a minute or two before going on to other products.



4) The thing about accessories is that, it might not be mandatory to wear one every day, but it certainly adds up to our outfit. So be it be a neckpiece, an earring, a small bracelet or even a ring try pairing them with your outfit to make a basic outfit look stylish or make an old top look different.

 Tip- Add the style quotient to your plain white top and blue jeans by teaming a pair of bright earrings/neckpiece to your outfit. 



 5) For your hair, either you might have great hair which requires very little styling, or you might be someone who doesn't step out of the house without straightening/curling your tresses. So depending upon your hair styling routine, use your time effectively. I usually pull up a ponytail whenever I am running out of time. The key is just to be confident and you can carry anything.

Tip- If you are using hair styling tools, switch them on before going to shower (provided they are 3-5min ones), so that they are heated up and ready to use by the time you are back.


6) While choosing your garment, keep in mind the shoes you would be pairing up with it. You don't want to wear something and then discover that you don't have appropriate shoes to wear with it. 

   Tip- Also, if you are running late, avoid sandals which has straps or sneakers you need to spend time on tying up the laces. Instead opt for easy slip on flats or pumps.




7) Pack your bag the night before. If you are changing your bag according to your outfit, you will not have the time to unload all your stuff and re-load it in your new bag. Your bag says a lot about the person you are and thus, carrying a bag that does not go with my outfit is a nightmare for me.

Tip- For easy transfer of your stuff from one bag to another, keep a pouch to store in all your important stuff like headphones, id card and your house keys. It also helps you to avoid scavenging your bag when you require them, especially if it is a big bag. 



8) Hunger pangs in the morning, anyone? We certainly adapt ourselves according to our routine and thus feel hungry only at specific times. So while some of us can mange time to pour in some cereal or have a cup of milk/tea/coffee before we leave our house, some like me find no time to even enter the kitchen. In that case, you can always grab a fruit and finish it while getting ready, or on your way to work/college.

 Tip- However late you are, drinking a glass of water is vital every morning. 



9) While the ideal way I suggest would be to avoid looking at your cell phone in the morning and distracting yourself while getting ready. However, you can always put an alarm for a specific time which would act as a warning bell to much how on time/late you are.

  Tip-You can put the alarm 5 minutes before you are suppose to leave your house so that you hurry up/act accordingly and avoid getting late.


10) And the last hack which I follow is - to put my deodorant/perfume while I am in the lift. It might seem funny, but when you have less time, it perfectly works. Just make sure you are alone in the lift as it might not be pleasing to everyone around! It also gives you the advantage of smelling good as soon as you come out of your building.

 Tip- Now just put on a smile and you are ready to go! :)

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