To reduce wastage, our products are all made-to-order & hence takes about 7-8 days for dispatch.

About Us

Periwinkle is a new-age clothing brand which aims to become a pioneer in chic women’s clothing.  Our logo defines the lovely emotion between a woman and her wardrobe. We at Periwinkle try to create beautiful garments which every woman would love to add to her wardrobe.  

Periwinkle is a one-stop destination for Fresh Fashion. Our goal is to make casual, every-day clothing which looks effortlessly stylish. Hence it strives to make global designs and styles available to you easily by producing them locally.

Periwinkle is for those women who seek to express their personalities through their clothes. We aim to build together a community of such women who have a strong sense of individualism.

Ours is a three process cycle:

  1. DESIGNING & FORMULATION: Researching and keeping in mind global trends, we design styles that fit in with the theme of our collection and choose appropriate fabrics accordingly. 
  2. PRODUCTION: After finalizing the styles, we go for the manufacturing process. The styles are created with the aim of making them perfect, both in the aspect of designs and sizes.
  3. QUALITY CHECK: We seek to provide our customers with high-quality products. Hence, it is made sure that the fabrics used are of good quality and each piece is checked to adhere to the standards.