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Scarf it in style! 10 ways to style a scarf.

A scarf is literally the most versatile piece of accessory you can own!

Whether you are a scarf lover or not, these cool ways to style a scarf with your outfit will indeed tempt you to try one 😍

1) The usual way
Let's get done with the classic, usual way first. Wrap the scarf around your neck and bring out the two sides on the front, thereby adjusting their length as well as the proximity of your neck and the scarf. You can either let it hang loose around your neck or wrap it neatly for a chic look. You can try this look with neutral tops or kurtas.

2) All around the neck
This is the second usual way most people wear scarves. Wrap kt around your neck multiple times to achieve short ends which should also be tucked inside your wrapped scarf. You can adjust the tightness of the scarf around your neck according to your comfort level. This is a good look to wear especially in winters (with a trench coat, yes!) It will save you from the chill and also elevate your outfit.

3) Two but one

This is like the first one, except that when you wrap the scarf around your neck, you also make the two ends pass through it (Just like how would tie a tie!) This is again a great look for winters as will help you with the chill around your neck.

4) Loose style

This is another version of the previous style. After wrapping the scarf like the previous one, all you need to do is loosen the neck part. Also, make the ends asymmetrical in order to give it an effortless yet cool look.

5)Belt it up!

We love this style! If you want to elevate your simple outfit, pick up a statement scarf and wrap it around the neck by bringing the two ends above your chest. Then simply tie a belt around your waist, above the scarf. this will create an illusion of a jacket/shrug. It's a very chic style to try with kurtas and Indian wear!

6) Shrug or Scarf?

Another way of creating a shrug illusion with a scarf is by wrapping the scarf around your shoulders and then pin the front part. This creates a shrug like structure. You can adjust the pin placement according to your comfort level. This is a perfect way to showcase any statement scarf you own. 

7) Level up!

Level up your scarf style by using a bangle! Yes, you heard that right. Wrap the scarf around your shoulders and let the two ends at the front pass through a bangle (twist it till it stays still), thereby creating a unique silhouette. Perfect to create an edgy Indian outfit.

8) Classy cover-up

We all loved it when Audrey Hepburn did it. Wrap it around your head followed by a knot around your neck to secure it. Protects hair from dust and also harmful heat rays. This is great for winters or windy season too. Don't forget your sunnies to make a style statement!

9) Pony Woes

Discard your pony woes with a scarf. Pep up your usual ponytail by wrapping a scarf around it. Adjust the length of the ends according to your preference. This style adds quirk to any outfit and also gives a retro vibe.

10) Band chic

For all those 'not so good hair days', simply create a band with your scarf. Wrap it around your head and tie a knot at the bottom. You can also try making a bowknot on top of your head. This is a perfect summer look and can also be worn on beaches and for brunches.

Hope you all enjoyed these styles and would try out at least some. There are no rules - tweak according to your preference and create your own styles. Don't forget to tag us if you create some scarf looks.

Till then, keep it stylish!

Love, Periwinkle ❤️

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